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There is a lot of popular food around the world, and so many people who likes to eat all different stuff, but, some of the food are really popular among the people. Food like pizzas and pastas are available in the whole world, and no matter where are you, you are eating this kind of food. Cultures with no particular cuisine use these food from all around the world, and we think they are having a lot of fun, using all the ingredients, spices and what not. Well, today, we are presenting you with some food photos of the most popular food in the world. These food are really popular world wide, and they deserve a little bit of celebration. So, take a look, and enjoy the view!

1. Chicken


2. Pizza


3. Rice


4. Bread


5. Pasta


6. Meat


7. Fish and Sea Food


8. Vegetable


9. Italian Food


10. Chinese Food


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